Painting 🎃 Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a typical Halloween festivity!

I will more than likely be doing that this season too, but I also decided to paint some pumpkins!

Have you ever painted a pumpkin?

To me, it felt pretty relaxing and therapeutic! I haven’t painted in a few months but there’s something about a monotonous stroke of the paint brush that makes me feel at peace.

Painting pumpkins is a really fun Halloween activity to do with your significant other, friends and family of all ages!!

I decided to go the simple route with my pumpkins. I wanted some to put on my front porch and what better designs could I have done for that reason?

One pumpkin says, “Branson” because that’s the town I live in. The second pumpkin has the numbers, “231” because they are in my address!

I used acrylic paint that I bought at Hobby Lobby. I also used my boyfriend’s heat gun to speed along the drying process, which you don’t HAVE to have!!

Check out my pictures, below!

Let me know if you are going to be painting pumpkins this season, too!

Also, in casebook you’re wondering, my adorable T-shirt is from the boutique, “Lacie Girl” and I found them through the app/website, “Jane.”

Specific Shop Instagram: @laciegirls

Specific Website:

Housing Website is:

Housing App is: Jane

Housing Instagram handle is: @veryjane



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