Disney College Program Part II

I’m back with more on the DCP!

“What was it like to move to Florida?”

That’s a good question! I believe many people have a hard time thinking about living in a tourist trap, especially one as big as Disney World, but once I got past the awful drivers, it wasn’t so bad! But really… watch out for the drivers if (and when) you go!!

“What was it like to be so far from your family?”

In all honesty, I had a hard time being away from my family. This is the part about my experience that most people have never heard. I went away to college but my school was a tiny bit over an hour away from home, so I had the opportunity to see my family quite often!! However, when I moved to Florida, I believe that was the longest I had to go without seeing my fam. That was hard!! Harder than I had anticipated… and because of that, I wanted to move home and leave the internship very early on. Which leads me to the next question I received:

“What were the hardest parts about working at Disney World, for you?”

Missing my parents, the comforts of home, adjusting to a very strict boss/captain who sincerely intimidated the heck out of me, stressing about the time schedule you can’t mess up on as a character attendant, finding my way around backstage Disney, making it to work on time because all of the buses and trams you have to catch backstage, making sure I had on white socks if I was wearing shorts or black socks if I was wearing pants (which is a big deal), focusing on not dying every day I got in my car while dodging careless drivers or drivers who had no idea where they were going or what they were doing, all played a part in why I didn’t think I was going to last my full internship.

I remember crying on the phone with my parents saying, “I want to go home!! I don’t want to stay here! I don’t know where I’m going! My captain at work scares me! I don’t know anyone!” Etc.

I’m so thankful my parents calmed me down and had me focus on why I chose to do the internship in the first place!! I had to redirect my thoughts and attitude. I had to make a decision to be happy, find my way around and see that time in life as an independent growing/learning period! Once I changed my mindset and realized life didn’t have to be so scary or stressful, I really enjoyed myself and my internship! So much so, when my internship ended, I was in tears heading home!! Tears all around!!

“Did you enjoy working at Disney January-May or do you wish you had done the fall internship?”

This is a tough question, so thank you to those of you who asked me this because it has made me think!! I really don’t think I would have a huge preference. I enjoyed January – May because the end of January and all of February, the parks were pretty vacant. There were obviously people everywhere, but in comparison to most seasons at Disney, the parks were VERY open during those times. My friends and I enjoyed the “no wait” signs in front of rides and attractions and you could walk with space between you and the people you’re with instead of walking on top of one another!!

Working a fall internship would be very fun because of all the decorations and festivities geared toward the holidays!! Everything in the parks would be festive and consistent/appealing to the eye. Characters would be dressed in adorable outfits for each season/holiday, so you’d get to experience a lot of cheerful times in the parks. On the flip side, my sister worked a fall internship at Disney a few years before I worked there and I experienced her sadness during Thanksgiving, especially. I think it was hard for her to be away from family during the holidays. I know Halloween wasn’t hard for her to be away and Christmas was fine because we all traveled to Florida and spent Christmas in Disney, but I do know Thanksgiving was tough for her. So, if holidays aren’t important to you, you may not think twice about working a fall internship!!

“Did you have to find a place to live?”

Yes and no!! Disney College Program interns are blessed to be able to live on Disney property! There are a few apartment complexes. Some are known for being better housing than others. In order to get the housing complex of your choice, you have to stand in a giant line and get there as early as possible, for check in. I believe my roommates and I met up and hopped in line at 4:00 or 4:30 AM! Luckily we did, because we got the housing complex we desired!!! Phew!

“Did you live alone?”

No, I did not! I had 5 roommates!! Disney allows a few different options for housing, with up to 6 people in an apartment, which is what I did. The more people you have in your apartment, the cheaper your rent will be!

“How did you find roommates?”

There was actually an online survey! So, kind of like online dating, but for finding compatible roommates instead!

Another one is complete!

Thank you for reading part two of the DCP! I hope you have found this blog to be helpful to you or someone you know who is interested in going through the Disney College Program!

“TTFN! Ta- Ta For Now!” – Tigger


6 thoughts on “DCP II”

  1. I didn’t even know DCP was a thing until I saw another post about it last week. It makes sense that there is such an in depth training since Disney does everything right. Good for you for taking the leap into such a fun experience. Wishing you all the best.

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  2. This is amazing, you must be so happy you stuck it out. I’m sure it’s a dream for most people to work at Disney but I bet it’s a lot of hard hard work!

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