The Disney College Program

Holy Moly!!! I cannot believe how much feedback I received from my first blog, about my internship experience, with the Walt Disney World company!! I received questions like:

“How do you apply?” “When should you apply?” “Was there a job you wish you had over being an attendant?” “What was the hardest part?” “Was it hard to move out there on your own?” “Did you have to find an apartment by yourself?” “Did you live alone?” and sooo many more! I’m actually very humbled by the questions, because it lets me know how interested you all are, as my readers! So, thank you!

I’m going to categorize the questions and make separate blogs, so this one will be about the application process.

How do you apply?

Go to: https://jobs.disneycareers.com/disney-college-program

That site should direct you to a sign up page, but of course you’ll have to have a few things all set before you apply.

You need to make sure that you have a job/leadership/community service resume ready to go! You also would need to be in college for at least one full semester. For example: I could not apply for the DCP if I had just graduated high school. However, I could apply if I were about to start my second semester of college.

“Now Mindy, how did you get accepted into the DCP after you had already graduated college?”

Oh I’m so glad you asked!! You have to be enrolled in college while you apply, so I was in my final semester of school when I made that choice!!

“Do you think there is a better time to apply than when you applied?”

I wouldn’t say, “a better time” because it would just depend on how you want your college experience to go. If you want to work at Disney World as much as possible and have the chance to do so multiple times, I would suggest applying after your first semester of college. If you’d rather finish all of your schooling in consecutive semesters and graduate “on time,” I would suggest waiting until your final semester of school to apply! There is something to think about with waiting, though. There’s a possibility you might not get accepted into the program, which means you would no longer have the opportunity to be in the DCP. Just food for thought!

“What do you think the interviewers are looking for when speaking to you?”

Good question! I feel like they’re looking for someone who appears outgoing, someone who can keep a conversation flowing and someone who seems to have great communication skills, including diction/articulation in their voices. I know Disney prides themselves on great guest service, so they want to add cast members who can fit that mold!!

“Was the application process easy?”

In my experience, it was!! The online process is always the easiest part, right? So, that was a breeze because anyone can make themselves sound decent on paper.

The next step was the phone interview. I was extremely nervous for that portion of the application process because I had all of the natural thoughts! “What if I say something incorrectly?” “What if I misunderstand their question?” “What if they offer me a job that I don’t want?” “How will I sound excited if that happened?” “What if I go blank and I forget everything I wanted to say?”

You know those thoughts, don’t you?

Well I say, shake the devil away because the phone interview was a super fun experience for me (but I do know for others it was rocky). The woman who interviewed me was so kind and upbeat, as you’d imagine any Disney Cast Member to be, right? She was interested in everything I had to say, which made me feel comfortable speaking with her. She did ask the dreaded questions, though.

“What are your top three job choices on the Walt Disney World property?” She asked.

I listed my top three, entertainment being my first pick. Now I was completely holding my breath in hopes she wouldn’t say anything about a job I didn’t want… I wasn’t so lucky.

“If you did not get your top three choices, would you still work with our company?” She asked.

Of course you want to loudly proclaim, “where I spend the next 6+ months of my life needs to be enjoyable so that I can stay positive and live out the dream I’ve always had of working at Disney!” But don’t that!! Just say something along the lines of, “I’d absolutely still work for the company. I wouldn’t let the job I’m placed in determine my happiness.” Which in all sincerity should be the case when you sit back and think about it. It’s Disney World!!! Not everyone can say they’ve worked at WDW, so any job you’re placed in will be ✨magical✨ if you want it to be.

That’s all for now!

I believe I have covered all of the application questions. If I missed any, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! I hope this post was helpful to you or someone you know who is wanting to apply for the DCP! I’ll be back soon with more posts about the other questions I received. Thank you so much!

Enjoy a few pictures from my DCP experience!



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