This is Me!


I was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1990. Apparently it was a VERY stormy night and I came without much warning… mom says, with knowing who I am now, that was very fitting. I’m not quite sure how to take that!!

My sister remembers the evening well. In her words: “It was traumatic!” Thanks sis. She can even remember exactly what my dad was wearing the night I was born, and she was only 2 years old! That’s impressive.

I did not live in Omaha for long… 10 days to be exact. My grandpa used to give my parents a hard time for making me sleep in a box, while my clothes were in milk jugs! *Not really people* My grandpa just exaggerated how I barely had a place to call home as a newborn, because my family was all packed and ready to go. My parents were awaiting my arrival before we moved to a new state!


I lived in St. Louis, MO for a very short time as well and moved to Tulsa, OK when I was about 2 years old. I do not have actual memories of living in Tulsa – just memories of how I pictured events based off of pictures and stories told.

We made our final (for my childhood) move to Owasso, Oklahoma in 1994! I was lucky enough to be able to live in the same house from just under 4 years old to the age of 24! 20 years (with the exception of college and an internship)!!

I had the most wonderful neighborhood a child could ever dream of growing up in. So many kids my age to play with and their parents were all so amazing! They were the type of neighbors you could turn to if you needed a few eggs to finish a recipe or just a tsp of salt. Those are the best kind!

*We spent church days, holidays, vacations and extracurricular activities together! So blessed!*

Let’s just not even mention that 90’s style.

I attended Owasso High School, where I played Varsity Tennis and competed with the Pride of Owasso Marching Band.

Go Rams!

College Days

I attended Oklahoma State University and graduated in December 2012, with a degree in Elementary Education. At OSU, I marched in their band for two years and I was an active Kappa Delta for four years.


1st image: Yes – that is GARTH BROOKS!

2nd image: Yes – that is me on the first row without my cowboy hat on. Typical.


Disney College Program

After I graduated from college, I moved to Florida for a few months, and worked at “The Happiest Place on Earth!” That’s right! I worked at Walt Disney World!!

Everyone always wants to know, first and foremost, what my job was with the company. I was a character attendant! AKA: A Blueberry, as Disney cast members would call us! My job was to make sure that characters made it on and off set on time (very tight and tedious schedule), cut que lines by guessing about how many people I could squeeze in to see the character in that given time frame, make up cheesy sayings as to why a certain character was going backstage for a few minutes, try to explain to non-English speakers what I wanted them to do or when their time was up after taking 1,000 pictures with Mickey in 1,000 different poses, take pictures with guests cameras, serve as the characters body guard (in a light sense of the meaning), make children smile, wish everyone “happy birthday” or “happy anniversary” as they proudly wore their pins, and last but not least, anything a guest would ask me, I’d find out that information if I didn’t already know it!

I spent 99% of my days off in the parks or at least on Disney property. So the answer is, “no, I never did get tired of Disney!” How could I?!

Sadly, my internship ended after 5 VERY FAST months, in Orlando.

Teacher Life

After my Disney internship, I moved back to Oklahoma, worked at Rosa Parks Elementary in the Union School District for one year and then made my move to Branson, Missouri in July of 2014! I just completed my 4th school year in Branson and I’m about to start my 5th year, in a few short days.

Thank you for catching up with me. I believe I sped through 28 years of life like it was nothing, however, now you know more than you’d ever care to know about me!!!

I’d be honored and grateful to have you continue this blogging journey with me and see all of the crazy things I come up with from day to day!


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